Tuesday, 27 October 2009

my weeks been good, me jess & joel have sorted everything out. although the whole things still kinda knocked me.

so im quite happy today, i've lounged about watching various repeats of 'miami ink' and its always good to get a bit of 'fashion tv' or 'world fashion' in before lunch ;D
im quite glad that none of my friends read this blog, as i kinda sent some pictures away to 'Select Model Managment' to see about what it would take to be a model. personally, i don't think im tall enough, male models need to be like...5ft 11+ think, and im only 5ft 10
but i might aswell see what they think. im betting their gonna say i need my moles removed, which is alright because i want them gone anyway. i've been thinking about sending my pics away for a while now...but i was kinda waiting until i got my moles removed as i think it would let me give a better impression...or something.
im not sure.

well anyway, best wait and see what they say, and i've been wondering how to find out if anyones following me? xD

well...im off, i taped that 'race and intelligence' program which was on last night
its basically about genetic intelligence and seeing if by using the averages between different races can prove this. alot of shite tbh, intelligence isnt inbuilt, its not a bladder!

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