Thursday, 17 September 2009

17th 09 09

so today my mum mum told me shes buying me Doc Martens, and a jacket, and plimsoles.
which is VERY good.
but to be honest, i need jessica to go into town with me to get the stuff...because well..although she dosen't seem like it or act like it, shes a really smart shopped, and she gets in and out of shops quick, i'd like to be able to look around a bit more when im with her, but still, she's good at what she does :D
the only other person i think would go to the shops with me is davy and im not even sure if hes going cause hes already seen sorority row. :(
im suppoesd to be getting Doc Martens and to be quite honest i can't see jasmine and rachel taking much time to go around shops with me.
i think rachel's been acting a bit strange around me latley... idk, its probably just me being paranoid. but like, everytime homosexuality or something like that is mentioned in our little group, she comes off with stuff like 'its disgusting' and 'i hate it when gay people hold hands, it makes me sick'
and it makes me wonder...what does she really think of me?
cuz like...i LOVE rachel, shes one of my best best friends...but...ugh idk... :(
and jasmine and rachel are always like 'i hate doc martens there disgusting, i hate urban outfitters, i hate , i hate i hate'
:( sometimes i wish they would just not hate stuff, i dont like negativity, in any form, (cept about skit-knee)
well, i guess it just gets to me,
i just worry.

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