Sunday, 20 September 2009

20th 09 09

so yesterday was good.
went to town with jasmine, jordan, rachel, rebecca jamel, paddy, colm, joel and colms friend keelan.
to be very honest i didn't really like keelan, he kinda thought he was the shit. but he did blow a condom up over his head. which mildly amused me and jasmine.
Rachel and Becca left early, im not quite sure why, i think becca was sick and rachel had somewhere else to be. but the day was good, we saw sorority row, which scared the shit outta me!
then we walked around town for a bit, i showed jasmine were Una Rodden was( i really cannot wait for work experience, it's going to be great!...i might get a bit lost going there though.) and then we walked to 'emo corner' (city hall)
i swear to god, i was basically like 'ive got more metal in my face then you'
there was a girl in purple fishnets and i had o be held back from screaming at her for crimes against fashion!
and we saw a guy who looked like Van Hellsing.

so overall it was a good day, i promised to give colm my skateboard thingy with about...12 wheels. so he'll like that.
but yesterday was good.

so i've spent all of today walking about my house trying to break in my Doc Martens, they're not hurting so much as i expected, but there a bit uncomfortable.
i love them soooo much.

jasmine said i looked like a male model yesterday, so thats made my week.

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