Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Hello there.


My names Aaron, and i've been using tumblr mostly

but i've heard this is good so ill give this a try.

well...whats been going on in my life? I've recently became infatuated with http://www.lookbook.nu/

which is an absolutley amazing website, my top number of 'hypes' is 14. which im pretty happy with...it means im getting a teeny tiny bit of attention, and thats good!

my favourite look at the moment is http://lookbook.nu/look/241765-Chiquitito-you-and-I-know it's by http://mrjuancocco.blogspot.com/

well, my highest rated look was this, so if you like it you can go on my lookbook and hype it :)

and here's the link. http://lookbook.nu/look/240601-LOOK-The-Little-Fucker-s-wearin-denim-today

well, i hope i'll do more blogs in the future. :)

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