Monday, 21 September 2009

21st 09 09

so today i went to work experience.
im absolutley knackerd, but it had its good parts.
i got too see davy at lunch, were dining alfresco tomorrow aswell.
then i got to see jessica at 3 o'clock. which was brill, cause i got too shop.

so i went in to work experience, sat down, twas a slow day, she didn't really have anything to do, but she complimented my style and asked me if i'd ever done modeling. i was all happy.
then when i did some sketches she thought they were brilliant and asked if i had attended classes on how to do drawing classes for fashion drawings. i felt really embarrassed but really good at the same time.
so at una rodden (the fashion designers i went to work experience at) they sold 3 dresses, all costing over £700, and a broach which cost £155. i was amazed there wer people in belfast that coult aford that type of stuff.
Una Rodden seemed really shocked at my knowlege of all different designers and their collections, she seemed particullarly suprised that i knew about Moncler's new collection. she said i was very well informed about the fashion world.
so tomorrow im taking in my half finished tartan blazer and trying to get some of it done. they said they'll help me get it really skinny and fitted.

Jess dyed her hair today, its like dark dark blue. but its really nice. and she got a really nice dress and shoes. i think if i get the time ill try make her a dress, jasmine and rachel and becca are more into jeans and stuff like that, but i like girls in dresses.

So right now im watching some show about how tudor period barbers actually did surgerys resulting in many millions of people dying. loveley.

im propery knackerd. and i really don't know how im going to get up in the morning. i hope im able to produce a blazer i can wear by the end of the week.

so today was a good day.

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