Friday, 18 September 2009

18th 09 09

So today i went to school.


but it was alright, i think i've finally got the hang of playing a woman in drama.

so at lunch we threw colm a birthday party, his birthday was 2 days ago, but so, we got him a high school musical cake and all started to sing! the we all danced and group hugged several times, i toom all the photos ;D

it was really fun and i think the thouroughly embarrassed his ass

So after school my mum and dad and brother were waiting outside, aidans sick, which is shit, i keep going on he has swine flu. but i feel really sorry for him. so we went to town, and went to schuh, and i got my Dr Martens! they were quite dear but my mum and dad treated me too them. i am actually soo grateful! i havent taken them off my feet (cept to take a picture to send to jessica) so then we continued to victoria square, i got new jeans which are GORGUS, a new t-shirt which is just brown, but its made of like....super strechy material, like it can strech over my whole body!

So when i got home, we orderd chinese, which was actually the tastiest thing i'd eaten all week, it was really filling and just made my day.

its been one of those happy happy days. no depressing little comments, just a brilliant day.

so now im watching 'the psycic' and shes telling this woman there's a 'dark entity' around her that touches her sexually.

it's pretty good and offers amusement.

good good day.

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